Do you want an exciting and adorable sculpture of your child playing their favorite sport? Or YOU doing your favorite activity? Or you in your very excellent cosplay (or the costume you wish you had) I can do zat! 

IMPORTANT: This is an inquiry form. The prices are starting places. I will respond to your inquiry within 3 days with an estimate and more questions. It is also possible that I may politely decline if your request is not something I think I can produce, or something I'm not comfortable making. 

Why "starting from..." -- Complexity makes the price go up. Mostly this pertains to costumes and props (like Link with all of his gear or a lot of complex armor). Or if it's something I can't post on my PG rated Instagram feed. 

How long does it take?  These are custom made sculptures which take a bit of time -- three weeks on average. You will receive a time estimate after we discuss details and where you are in my queue. Guaranteed delivery before Christmas for orders placed before December 1st. 

Shipping: Prices do not include shipping. International shipping available.

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Whachoo' want? *
Name, Age, Approximate height, Activity/Situation/Sport
Name of character, Fandom/Property, Version of character (ie: Gerudo Link)

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